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Sodium lignosulphonate

Sodium lignosulphonate is used in many industrial fields. As water reducer it is used because of small dosage, low air content, good workability. The product is a modified nature lignin product. It has light wooden smell, it is not poisonous, not harmful. This powder has a good moisture absorption ability, water solubility and high chemical stability. It has different levels of purity (according to sugars left in the product).

The product can be used as water-reducer in a concrete admixture. It can lower a water requirements, promote the workability of concrete, reduce formulation cost and so on. The product can be used with different cements and inert aggregates. This products improves a fluidity and keeps slump retention at low dosage 0.2-0.3% (dry-dry) according to the experiment of customer.

Some things to know:
1. It is better soluble in cold water then in hot. Do not warm up water before solubilizing otherwise you will get fisheyes.
2. It has slump retention because of natural sugars. It means it can be spoiled in warm weater.
3. Do not overdosage it. Again because of natural sugars it can decrease final compression strength.

25kg bags. We can offer sodium lignosulphonate in a variety of packing options to fulfill customers` needs.

12 months.

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