• Paera (Hyperplasticizer-retarder)
  • Sumix (Superplasticizer-retarder)
  • Lignoso N (Plasticizer-retarder)
Polycarboxylate High-efficiency Concrete Water Reducer.
It is an aqueous solution of polycarboxylate ether of a certain composition and configuration. It has high water reducing level, excellent retardation effect and excellent dynamics of the compressive strength growing.

  • a. Permanent concrete consistency and a protection from a separation
  • b. High water reducing rate
  • c. Reduces the bleeding of concrete
  • d. Excellent slump retention at high temperature and low humidity
  • e. Excellent dynamic of increasing of compressive strength
  • f. Reducing peak temperature of cement hydration, due to timing of this process
  • g. Can help to produce a concrete of high strength

  • a. Skyscrapers and massive concrete structures that require a combination of high strength and a seamless monolithic process
  • b. Production of self-compact concrete
  • c. Construction of bridges that require a combination of high strength characteristics and long-term workability
  • e. Production of self-compacting concrete
  • f. Manufacture of transport concrete

      a. Concrete General Purpose:
    • ⇒ Weight of dry polymer by weight of cement: 0.03 - 0.5%
      b. Concrete with increased strength and mobility:
    • ⇒ Weight of dry polymer by weight of cement: 0.25 -1%
  • Appearance: light yellow solution
  • Ph: 6.0 ± 1.0
  • Density (20°C, g/cm3): 1.11 ± 0.02
  • Chloride content, %: max.0,10
  • Alkaline content (in form of Na2O), %: max.0,6

Supplied in 1000 kg containers, 220 kg drums, 25 kg cans.
Minimum shelf life - 12 months if stored in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in unopened original packaging.
Store at +5°C, in a closed container to avoid direct sunlight, protect from high temperatures. If the product is frozen, thaw at positive temperature and stir. Mismatch recommended storage conditions can lead to premature damage to the packaging or change in the properties of the product.

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Highly effective setretarding concrete superplasticizers, water reducing superplasticizers
It is an admixture based on beta-naphthalene sulphonate formaldehyde condensates and polymer. It’s in particular adaptable to water reducing, retardant and reinforce. The product can be widely used in the concrete projects which required water-reducing, retardant, low hydration heat, high durability.

    Main Technical Performance Index and properties:
  • High water reduction: SUMIX has obvious water reducing effect for concrete with the standard test methods, the water reduction of concrete with SUMIX is above 20%. This effect is more evident for high fluidity concrete which has water reduction up to 31.8%.
  • High strengthening effect: It has a very good strengthening effect. Comparing with ordinary concrete, the strength of concrete with SUMIX at the age of 28 days can increase 35%~60%, at the age of 90 days can increase 20%.
  • Retarding effect: The adding of SUMIX can increase the initial set time of a concrete till about 8 hours, furthermore can increase till about 10 hours in different projects, which provides less construction joints.
  • Good workability:Concrete with SUMIX has high ability against water bleeding and segregation; furthermore, using SUMIX can reduce the blockage in the course of concrete pumping and make the concrete easier to pump.
  • Low hydration heat: Comparing with pure cement paste, the peak value of the hydration heating of the cement paste with SUMIX is much lower, moreover, the time when the peak of hydration heating arousing is delayed 24h. The hydration heat of the cement paste with SUMIX is only 1/7 of that of pure cement pastes at early age.
  • Wide adaptability:This product is adapt to different types of cement, and particularly match with admixtures such as air entraining agent, and mineral aids such as fly ash.
  • Excellent durability: The adding of SUMIX can effectively improve the durability indexes of concrete, the ability of concrete anti-carbonisation with SUMIX is 1.5~2.5 times than ordinary concrete, and this admixture increases the resistance of a reinforcement steel to corrosion.

Sumix is added into concrete and mortar mixes in condition of water solution of working concentration in the amount 0.8 - 2.3% of dry substance from cement mass.

12 months.

5 kg, 25 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg or flaxibags.

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Sodium lignosulphonate

Sodium lignosulphonate is used in many industrial fields. As water reducer it is used because of small dosage, low air content, good workability. The product is a modified nature lignin product. It has light wooden smell, it is not poisonous, not harmful. This powder has a good moisture absorption ability, water solubility and high chemical stability. It has different levels of purity (according to sugars left in the product).

The product can be used as water-reducer in a concrete admixture. It can lower a water requirements, promote the workability of concrete, reduce formulation cost and so on. The product can be used with different cements and inert aggregates. This products improves a fluidity and keeps slump retention at low dosage 0.2-0.3% (dry-dry) according to the experiment of customer.

Some things to know:
1. It is better soluble in cold water then in hot. Do not warm up water before solubilizing otherwise you will get fisheyes.
2. It has slump retention because of natural sugars. It means it can be spoiled in warm weater.
3. Do not overdosage it. Again because of natural sugars it can decrease final compression strength.

25kg bags. We can offer sodium lignosulphonate in a variety of packing options to fulfill customers` needs.

12 months.

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